My beauty daily routine with EB

Welcome to my blog! Today I will tell you what I do for my daily routine. Having EB, as you may know, it requires extra care every morning. But, it doesn’t mean I don’t have time for my beauty care! As an entrepreneur it’s essential to have a good looking every day, the look that others have on you must be very positive. So I have my little beauty time after my skin care. Of course, it takes about 1 hour and a half to be ready. I usually start my day a bit later, so I can have enough time for me without sacrificing my sleep time!

It’s skin time

First I have to sort out my skin. This step depends on how badly my skin is. Usually, I need 2 or 3 bandages, but sometimes I need to cover my legs fully as I have wounds everywhere. For a full cover, I need 30min (applying cream and bandages).

For bandages, no secret. I use Debra material: Mepilex lite or border, UrgoTul patches, Dexeryl cream, and  RYM Cicatrizante.

First I clean my skin with physiological saline to remove dirt, then I apply my RYM cream on open wounds and Dexeryl cream on healthy skin to hydrate. And finally, I cover all my wounds by placing first an UrgoTul patch than cover it with a Mepilex patch. I prefer to use Mepilex border as it sticks by itself (no need tubofast to support it), but when wounds have different sizes, I use mepilex lite so I can cut it in the needed size.

And that’s it!



The beauty and make up brand I use, I tested it before being sure that my skin can handle it. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to test it before. I first tested in a little part of my skin I can hide, in case it would react badly.

I tried many beauty brands in my life. Expensive and cheap ones, green and less green at the end I stand for Kiko Milano Cosmetics. It’s an Italian brand having stores mostly in Europe, but they also have some stores around America and an online shop that is shopping worldwide.

Kiko cosmetics is NOT a bio label. It’s a standard affordable brand with a large choice of makeup and cosmetics products. However, their products suit me cause they don’t cause me any allergy on my skin and they stand all day.

They came up recently with a more organic line called “ Green me ”. It’s not 100% bio but has some natural components like Aloe vera and is presented in eco-friendly packaging.

Bio cosmetics: is it better for EB?

To be honest, I never used 100% bio cosmetics, never needed. And I don’t think that we can relate bio to EB cause really it depends on each person skin and how it reacts. Of course, if we speak generally, it is always better to choose natural components to treat your skin cause it is chemical free, EB or not, natural is natural. Anyway, I will definitely try some bio cosmetics brands and will write about it in one next article.

Hair and body

I only shower completely myself three times a week. Cause, unfortunately, due to my EB, my skin reacts very badly in contact with water. When I shower I try to do it as quick as possible otherwise my skin gets very dry, starts to crack and gets infected. So every night I wash my body quickly with lukewarm water and clean it with Sanex 0% (orange label) gel shower. When I do the complete bath, I use Timoté (green package) as shampoo and a hairdresser brand as a conditioner from Mexico named Profissional Sebastien Penetraitt.

I tried many known brands has Pantene, Garnier, etc. But there is a lot of perfume on it, so I get itchy after using these products.

Also, my favorite antiperspirant spray is the Ritual of Sakura from Rituals! I love it. Smooth texture and good smelling, it stands all day long!

My anti-itching trick

I put La Roche-Posay Thermal water spray in the fridge all day than I apply it before sleep and even during the night if needed. It’s only thermal water so you can use it as many times as you need. In fact, itching is usually a consequence of dry skin or heat environment, so when applying cold water, it will adjust your skin temperature and hydrate it. Plus, thermal water is a natural antioxidant that protects your skin and makes it softer. It works perfectly on me! Try it and let me know if it worked on you!

Beauties! Thanks for reading me! I hope it will inspire some of you to make more beauty time. It is important to love yourself, and this kind of moments really helps. Let me know what you think about this article.

Do you use any bio cosmetics?
If yes, let me know which brands and how do you feel about using it.

2 thoughts on “My beauty daily routine with EB”

  1. So cute! I love your blog. I’ll have to check out the thermal water. That brand is expensive at least here in Brazil and I had never seen It before in the US. I know it is an excellent brand though

    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂
      I only know 2 brands of thermal water: Avena and this one. And you are right, it’s a bit expensive, and I couldn’t get insurance to cover it. But I will try to find other brands to see if there is another more affordable. If you find one, please let me know 😀

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