EB in summertime

Hi guys!

Welcome again on my blog. It’s been a while I haven’t written something about EB.

I’ve been so busy with work also it’s summertime in Europe, so as you can imagine, I’m not living that very well with my condition. 

Summer is, in fact, my every year struggle time and it’s a shame cause I love sunny warm days and go to the beach. But here in Spain it’s like 35° I wish it could stop at 25° or 26° max but no, summer in Spain it’s like hell for EB persons.

Of course, I knew that when I moved on, and despite it, I decided to come cause Summer, it’s like two months compared to the rest of the year. And the normal temperature during all year is about 20° to 25°, which is fantastic for living with EB. So yes I survive for two months and fully live the rest of the year.

So here is the question: how do I survive during summer?

I’m the king of person who doesn’t show my scars to everyone. Not because I’m ashamed or I don’t fully accept my body, but only because I have a company and as an entrepreneur, I know that in business showing this kind of condition it can be sensed like a weakness. Cause most people aren’t aware of that condition and don’t fully understand it. And unfortunately, it can cause damage to my work. So I decide to hide scars from people.

But, it doesn’t mean that it’s good or bad. I think each of you deals with your body, your feelings, and the way you want to live and accept your condition, the best way you can. If you are not afraid to show your scars, that’s perfect, and I mean it must be such a release, I wish I could have this opportunity. 

So, if some of you also live the same struggle during the heat days and are not feeling like showing around all your scars, like me, well I deliver you my tips!


How to dress in summer? 

I still struggle a lot with that, cause, of course, I can’t find the kind of fresh clothing that can hide scars and be fashion, in a popular clothing brand. And design clothes it’s expensive, of course.

The first thing we have to know it’s what kind of tissue it’s considered light and airy.


This tissue is well known for its good absorption capacity. It means that during hot days, the silk will absorb the heat and maintain the right temperature on your body. 

Unfortunately, the real silk it’s costly, sometimes we can find some silk clothes in conventional clothing shops at a reasonable price during sales. But it must be your lucky day; otherwise, you won’t find it easily. 


The number one tissue against heat. I recommend it cause it’s not too expensive and it gives you comfort and light sensation. If you combine linen with cotton, it’s even better cause the cotton property will prevent linen tissue from creasing. 

100% Cotton:

Cotton it’s a good alternative only if it’s 100% and light cotton. You can feel it on touch if it’s heavy cotton. Most of the time clothing shops propose 50% cotton and 50% polyester, don’t buy it if you want to prevent heat. The polyester doesn’t allow sweat absorption.

So in my case, as a girl, I try to use coton and linen wide pantaloons.

Not very easy to find it so when I miraculously find one even if it’s not summertime, I buy it. And I can give till 50€ ( around 55$ ).

To have classy pantaloons, I advise you to choose with a fly and fit instead of an elastic waistband.

To cover my arms and not feel warm, I try to use stripped shoulders tops with long wide sleeves. And with my mid-long air, I hide the top of my back. Not that easy to find it in a conventional shop here in Spain, especially when it comes the part of long sleeves during summer. So again if I see it during the winter, I buy. And for this kind of tops, I try not to give more than 30€ (around 33$).

These examples are from httpss://runawaythelabel.com

Another type of top I try to buy is blouses with holes, the example is from httpss://oohlaluxe.com, and it’s 44$ ( around 40€ ) which is a bit expensive for just one blouse, but sometimes it’s better to have five suitable blouses than 20 that you can’t use cause they are not comfortable. 

Also, notice that the tissue is not cotton or linen, but in this case, it’s not so bad because of the holes it stills airy.

And finally, something I also try to buy is Kimonos. Unfortunately, I can’t find it a lot in conventional shops because most of the time the material is like polyester or nylon, which is not suitable for hot days.

Also, I don’t like them too long and wide or with short sleeves, which is the kind of kimono we usually find.

Example from https://www.albuferaplaza.es.

For men, I advise use cotton and linen shirts and pantaloons. It’s airy and elegant. Pantalons can be a baggy style for more comfort. 

If you also struggle with that, leave a comment below and tell me what are you doing to survive summertime!

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