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Are you thriving with EB? And you would like to tell your story? This is the right place!

There are other people over the world, suffering with EB and they need your help. 

Tell us your daly life, how you manage to live with EB, share with us some hacks that works on you and make you fell better.

You don’t speck english? No worries. This is an international space, you can speak on your mother tongue we will share in the original language and with an english translation. 

How to do it?

Write an article

You can write an article for this blog, talking about you or any other subject concerning EB. We will publish it with your name and photo and translate it to English if necessary.

Voice interview

We can do a voice interview with you. We will prepare some questions and send to you before the interview. Available only in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Video interview

Same as the voice interview but with a video format. Available only in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We will insert english subtitles if necessary.

We are looking for an EB story! If you are interested,
send me an email to letstalk@cindymateus.com.

I will reach out as soon as possible

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